Important Year End Reminders!

As year end approaches please make note of the following 4 items:

  1. The final pay date in 2015 will be on December 31st for biweekly payroll and December 21st for monthly payroll.
    • Please make sure that all payments that are to be processed in these payrolls are entered into Workday and completely approved by noon on Monday December 14th.
  2. If you have student workers, please be sure that they have entered all of their hours into Workday before they leave for the semester.  Be sure that you have approved all of your student’s hours by the payroll deadlines or before you leave for break.
  3. W-2 forms will be issued in mid-January.
    • Please verify your address in Workday
      • Log into Workday, go to Home page, click on the Personal Information icon, then under View select Addresses
    • You may sign up to receive your W-2 online (if you have not done so already) through Workday.  If you sign up:
      • You will receive your W-2 from earlier
      • You will save the College time, paper and postage
      • You don’t risk losing your W-2 form
    • To sign up to receive you W-2 online:
      • Log into Workday and go to the Home page
      • Click on the Pay icon
      • Under View click on My Tax Documents
      • Click Edit Printing Election
      • Click OK
      • Select “Receive electronic copy of my Year End Tax Documents”
      • Click OK, then Done (This will remain in effect until you change it)
  4. ***NEW*** – Before you file your taxes
    • The 1095-C is a new tax form you are required to use along with your W -2 when filing your 2015 tax return.  You will receive this form if you have had medical insurance through the College anytime during 2015. (If you had medical insurance elsewhere such as your spouse or the Health Exchange they are responsible for supplying you with this form.)  This form will be sent to all Champlain College employees from our vendor, NavigateHCR in late January.
    • The 1095-C form will include the following information.
      • If  you were offered minimum essential medical coverage by Champlain College
      • If you were enrolled in the Champlain College medical plan
      • The names and social security # of all those covered, you and your dependents and what months you were covered.

If you have any questions on items 1-3 please contact Leslie Carew at  Question on item 4 please contact Debra Dayman at