Do you have your Picture in Workday?

Did you attend the all-campus retreat last week?

Did you recognize everyone there?

The need for having a directory at your fingertips and being able to put a name with a face is critical.

Workday is one of our strongest and most used online employee directories. The one drawback is we are missing a lot of employee’s photos. This is really important to keep our collaboration high and continue to Excite and Engage employees.  Many of our employees rely on this directory and use it daily.

If you do not have your photo added into to Workday, please go in to add it. It is very simple to complete and can help to keep our internal employee directory as robust as possible.

Click here for instructions on how add your photo.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Dubuque at or Katie LeClair at

Thank you for helping us fill our directory with faces!