Important Information – End of Work Study and Summer Hiring

Good Afternoon Student Employee Supervisors,

Spring classes are coming to an end!

The final day a student may work in a work study position is Friday May 6th. Any hours worked after this date must be paid through your student part time payroll line (no exceptions).  Please ensure your student does not enter hours on their Work-Study position after May 6th


All regular student positions will be ended with an effective date of May 23.  If you have a student who plans to work only through May, please notify us and we will leave the position open through the end of the month.

Your summer workers must be hired into a newly created, summer-seasonal position. Please use theJob Profile of Student Employee Level X (Seasonal). If this profile is not used, the job will be terminated on May 23rd.

If you are considering offering summer hours in excess of 28 per week, please send me the list of the names of the students who have been offered employment and I will vet them for Affordable Care Act (ACA) purposes.  In early September all summer positions will be ended.

Any questions please reach out to Jackie Greer at or 865-5431.