Way To Go! Carbon Throwdown with Seventh Generation

On behalf of Nic Anderson,

Hello All,

As you likely know, the Way to Go! Challenge starts on Monday and yesterday we received word that Seventh Generation has challenged us to a Carbon Throwdown. I have ACCEPTED and now need your help to ‘wipe’ Seventh Generation out (or clean the floor with them, or sweep them away…something like that).

If you have not yet, please sign up TODAY!

If you have already signed up but think that you may be able to commit to a couple of extra days, go back in and adjust. Every mile and every trip counts towards the total score. Seventh Gen have surged up in their score just this morning, so please help us stay ahead. I would love to not only get a throwdown trophy (below) but the trophy for 1st in the Large Category!
We are also planning a fun lunchtime event between us and Seventh Gen sometime during the two week challenge. Keep your eyes out.
Happy commuting for the next two weeks.