How YOU Can Use the Green Revolving Fund – Next Proposal Deadline: March 1, 2017

What is the GRF?  Primarily, it is a fund that supports energy efficiency projects here on campus, BUT it also has a portion available for projects proposed by Champlain College community members.

The GRF aims to fund projects that:

  • Promote awareness and understanding of sustainability in education, campus culture and behavior

  • Directly or indirectly reduce Champlain’s environmental impact

  • Encourage student participation, learning and leadership

  • Engage members of the Champlain community

  • Use funding cost-effectively

How might you use this?

  • Faculty: create an assignment around the GRF, as they do for the Corporate Social Responsibility classes; bring a class project to the implementation phase, as Robin Collins did with an idling project in her Environmental Earth Science class; or bring a speaker to campus to support your class content.
  • SGA clubs & Student leaders: to help fill a budget gap for a project you think important for the Champlain College community or to bring a speaker to campus to motivate your in- or out-of-class learning.
  • Employees & students: to bring an idea to reality that you think would make Champlain a more sustainable campus.

Have an idea for a project? Email us the idea and we’ll give you feedback on how best to proceed.

Proposal Form found here: Student/Campus Community Member

Proposals for projects are due November 1 and March 1.

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