Panel: Professionalism at Champlain College – Tonight!

The purpose of this panel discussion is to unpack what we mean when we say “professional” at Champlain College (both for our students and our faculty and staff colleagues) and to interrogate how this concept might, at times, come into tension with issues of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Prompt Questions for Discussion:

  • Are there tensions between the “professional” emphasis and the “global” emphasis of the College’s stated vision and mission (see below)? How does such tension play out in your particular area of focus/supervision?
  • Are there expectations of “professionalism” that need to trump cultural differences? Are there aspects of “professionalism” that might be used to discriminate against diverse others, even if unintentionally?

Join us this evening from 6-8pm in the Morgan Room (Aiken Hall) to hear the perspectives!